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Is it a worthwhile investment to put a hot tub at my rental cabin?  

       Yes.  Typically the first question potential guests ask is, "Does it have a hot tub?".  On average a hot tub will pay for itself with increased rental of your cabin in about 1 year. 

How quickly can I get a new hot tub delivered?

     It takes 3-4 weeks for West Coast Spas to build your tub.  Depending on our shipping schedule it is usually takes about 5 weeks from order date to hot water, ready to sit in.  Remember that it also takes time to line up the electrician, do site prep, etc.  The actual tub is very rarely the item causing delay.

If I buy a new tub what else am I going to have to pay for?

     You need a suitable place to put it.  It may be put on an existing patio or deck.  Normal deck construction is plenty sturdy for the load of a full hot tub.  If you need a foundation for the tub, it can be as simple as Smart Deck or masonry pavers.  Your imagination is the limit. 
     You will need to hire an electrician to hook up the tub.  We can help arrange that if you like.

Chlorine or Bromine?

     You may use whatever you like if you are caring for your own hot tub. Both forms of sanitizer work.  Sparkling Spas uses exclusively chlorine.  It is the best sanitizer known to man.  The Health Department likes it.  It is highly predictable.  I am happy to explain further, but it will kind of be a chemistry lesson.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we are set up to take credit card payments. However, if you use your credit card you won't be able to take advantage of our 5% cash discount.