Vacation Rental Hot Tub Maintenance

Each maintenance visit will provide:  


  1. A check of and proper adjustment of the hot tub water chemistry.

  2. Documentation of the tub’s chemistry and condition.

  3. A complete check of all components and functions.

  4. A thorough cleaning of the tub, cover and surrounding area, including snow removal

       (between tub and the nearest door).

  1. Removal and cleaning of filter after every booking check out.

  2. The tub will be drained and refilled whenever necessary.

  3. All chemicals will be provided at no additional cost.

  4. No charge for scheduled rental arrivals or back to backs.

  5. Additional unscheduled visits will be billed for the sum of $35.00.

  6. Currently we are not doing repairs, but will, at no cost, facilitate the repair service.

  7. Payment is due by the 15th of the month following the billing. 

(A late charge of 1.5% daily will be applied to unpaid balances after the 15th of the month.)


Maintenance schedule for rental units costs $115 per month per tub. (Prices are subject to change.) 

            The property management company is responsible to keep us informed of the rental schedule.  (This schedule also should include any visits by the owners and their guests.) We service the tub before guests arrive, after they leave, and after 3 days if rental is for 5 or more days.  When vacant, the tub will be serviced on a bi-weekly schedule.

Know that your guests are enjoying your spa!