Just like a car, a hot tub should be reliable and always ready for use. West Coast Spas are built to be sturdy and long lasting using the latest materials and processes that are stronger and safer for the environment.  They are plumbed efficiently for better circulation of the water through the filtration system and use only the best available components. 

Please visit West Coast Spas to see the current models and options. They are currently in the process of adding new styles and colors, which we are excited about.

Other things we love about West Coast Spas:

  • Circulation pump moves 40 gallons per minute through the filter 24 hours per day.....quieter than a whisper and draws power equivalent to one light bulb.
  • All tub models are available in basic form without the bells and whistles.  In many situations simplicity is best.
  • Easy access to components under the tub.
  • Fantastic support from a company that is family owned and operated...just like ours.
  • Pump programming can't be altered by guests at vacation rentals.
If you would like a paper brochure with pricing please contact us by phone or email.